Here's Our Story


Lamplight Kitchen Co. was created out of the desire to create better kitchen tools. Period. I may be a professionally trained chef, but just like you, I have an impressive collection of random kitchen utensils that have little to no use. How can there be so many things created with no thought as to what their performance and function would be in real kitchens? Why do I have 6 wooden kitchen spoons, none of which I enjoy using? I love to cook. And I wanted to make beautiful, functional, well thought out tools that make it easier for every cook. We don’t need drawers stuffed full of useless junk. We need a few well-made useful tools to make great meals. Out of this desire, Lamplight Kitchen Co. was born.

We make quality kitchen goods designed by chefs to add value to your kitchen. We make the simple things you use every day but we make them better. A wooden Spurtle set may not be able to save the world. What it can do is give you a beautiful, multi-functional tool that will make it easier for you to feed the ones you love. All of our products are things that we use. We have designed them with the hopes they will become your favorites just like they have become ours.